We offer two kinds of whitening procedures. The first option is to create custom trays that perfectly fit your teeth. These trays can be made in 24 hours and then taken home to use with a whitening gel. Trays and gel are usually worn for at least 30 minutes, sometimes overnight, for about two weeks in order to achieve excellent results. Additional tubes of gel can be purchased at the office if you want to go even whiter or just want to touch up from time to time.

We also offer in-office teeth whitening which takes about one hour. We use a concentrated whitening gel to achieve immediate results. This can also be combined with at-home custom trays to get you to your desired shade.

Whitening is safe for your teeth but it can cause or exacerbate sensitivity. Combining whitening procedures with fluoride or other remineralizing treatments can help alleviate sensitivity symptoms. We often utilize this method in our office.

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