Implants may be at the top of your list when you are looking for a more permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth. After a consultation with the dentist to evaluate your mouth, a titanium post is placed into the jaw bone, then after healing, an abutment and crown are screwed into the post to give you the look and feel of a real tooth.

Implants do not require cutting into the teeth on either side of the space (unlike a bridge) and they are permanently in your mouth (unlike a removable denture or partial). Dental implants are becoming more and more common, have great success rates and can last more than twenty years!

Dr Seifert has completed over 100 hours of continuing education training in implants and studied with Dr Arun K. Garg and Implant Seminars in Miami, Florida.

Single Implant
(Posterior - Healing Cap)

Bridge Versus and Implant  

Caring for a Dental Implant