Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

The roots of your teeth have nerves and blood vessels running down the center canals. When a tooth becomes damaged or infected by bacteria (an antibiotic cannot clean out this type of infection), the tooth must have root canal therapy performed. Don’t worry – this is usually a very painless procedure!

The tooth is numbed, has a small hole made in the biting surface or back side, and the nerves and blood supply are removed. The insides of the canals are then cleaned, sterilized and filled with a special material. Most teeth that have had root canal therapy will need a crown to keep the tooth stable.

The alternative choice to treat an infected or traumatized tooth is to extract it. However, we believe it is important to try to keep as many of your natural teeth, as possible. Root Canal Therapy is over 95% effective. Some teeth (and their owners) may need to visit a root canal specialist because of their shape, location in the mouth or if the tooth requires a second treatment of endodontic therapy.

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